The AOP Côtes du Rhône, a great story !

The “Côtes du Rhône” designation was recognized in November 1937 in three colors : White, Rosé and Red.

Baron Pierre Leroy de Boisemarié, at the origin of the creation of the AOPs and, therefore, the AOP Côtes du Rhône, wanted to promote the impeccable quality of the region’s wines. Thanks to this approch, the “AOP Côtes du Rhône” accronym has become a guarantee of quality for the customer. By committing himself and committing the sector to the path of quality, he has contribuated to making our wines a reference in the world.

A Côtes du Rhône that reflects its designation well : balanced and structured. Unaviodable !!

This cuvée is fruitier than the previous one thanks to its absence of sulfur.